Cathy Fogliani, the person, defines the creation and delivery of the events executed by her company. We create, plan, execute and deliver incredible events to make your organisation look incredible. 

The single most important outcome of any corporate event is to ensure that your guests have fun, memorable and engaging experiences. Corporate events are all about making our clients look amazing by delivering creative and unique experiences for their guests. 

We combine creative developments with controlled organisations and delivery by bespoke teams of specialists, brought together to match the requirements of each client and their events. 

Guided by the peerless experience of our principal at all levels of corporate events, from Perth to international locations, we understand the importance of originality, careful planning and smooth delivery. 

We apply our approach and our passion for perfection to every event we create and manage. From medium sized businesses to global corporations, we have the capacity to delivery a new level of experience for Award Celebrations, Conferences, Dinners, Launches and Corporate Social events. 

Whatever we do for your company, rest assured that our creativity, originality and seamless execution will make you and your brand look amazing.


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