As well as creativity and passion, Cathy brings extensive events management experience to your business and events. 

Cathy Fogliani has an exceptional pedigree of experience from over a decade working in the national events industry. Her career has seen her work with global brands in Australian and international locations and local businesses across Western Australia.

From a degree at Curtin University, Cathy went to a position as Event Manager with National Australia Bank. She then spent several years as a Business Development Manager, Director of Events and General Manager of Corporate Theatre Productions. A shorter stint at Guru Productions for Channel 9 was her final position before starting out on her own.

With an admirable work ethic and Italian passion for the career she loves, Cathy has been perfectly formed to create and manage events. Those who have worked with her and those who have experienced her events, are all equally impressed with her vision, capacity for creative development and impeccable attention to detail. 

You'll see in Cathy a sense of fun and positivity that effects everything she does. Her events are characterised by surprising details and unique touches that really set her events apart.

Cathy is a naturally skilled leader with the ability to bring together groups of talented individuals to form unified teams focussed on the perfect delivery of every event.

All of these things combine to create a unique person, custom made to create incredible events for brands and businesses that bring attendees a great deal of fun, enjoyment and excitement.

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