When the food and wine are delivered to the highest standards, your guests will be delighted and your company will look like a master chef.

Dinner and Cocktail events are a great opportunity for our team to help your company flex their creative instincts and roll out the red carpet of unique experiences. We all love to indulge in fine dining, and good food and wine will always be a great way to win hearts and minds.

A dinner experience depends upon the venue, the theme and of course the food and drinks to be enjoyed. While we are passionate about every event we create, dinner events do have an extra special place in our hearts.

We are dedicated to creating an integrated dining experience from the moment your guests enter the venue and see the creative theming and styling for the first time. From the welcome by the hosts and the first taste of canapés and pre-dinner drinks, we aim to create dining experiences that constantly delight your guests as the evening unfolds.

Our first focus is to determine the theme of the evening and the types and styles of locations and venues that will create the most impressive setting for the meal. We can create a custom venue in a unique location, or theme an existing venue to suit your company's vision.

The vision we create will be executed across the whole event, from audiovisual production, theming, styling and multimedia presentations, to table linen and floristry, gift packs, bespoke menus, and of course the food and wine themselves.

Explore the creative possibilities we can create for your next corporate dinner.

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  • Location & Venue
  • Marquees & Infrastructure
  • Security & Traffic Control
  • Theming & Design


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